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How To Make A Successful Car Accident Claim

Are you a car accident victim? If yes, you could have trouble seeking compensation from your insurance company. Below are some tips to help you seek compensation for a car accident. 

Compensation For Victims and Third Parties

If you are not severely injured, take the details of the driver and vehicle that hit you. If you are injured, ask first responders at the accident site to take you to the nearest hospital. Once you recover, hire a personal accident lawyer to help you seek compensation. The lawyer will: 

  • Assess the incident to assign blame. For instance, it may be difficult to seek compensation if you caused the accident.
  • Collect sufficient evidence to prove your case to the insurance company. For example, he or she could require witness statements and police reports.
  • Check hospital reports and interview doctors to determine the extent of your injuries. These documents will help him or her calculate your compensation. Besides, the lawyer could also need your employment details. 

Your lawyer will lodge your claim with the insurance company. As a rule, you should not fake injuries or other claims such as loss of income and rehabilitation. Expect the insurance company to counter your claim with a lower amount. At this point, your lawyer will commence negotiations with the insurance company until they agree. In some cases, the lawyer could file the case in court. It happens when the insurance company denies compensation or when they offer an unreasonable amount.

Compensation For Car Owners

Your type of insurance cover will determine whether or not you will receive compensation from the insurance company. Typically, the insurance company will not repair your vehicle or compensate you for injuries if you have third party insurance. If you have a comprehensive cover, contact the insurer or your insurance broker and inform them about the accident. They could ask you not to accept blame or talk about the incident until their representative arrives. Seek medical help if you are injured. If not, secure the scene of the accident to prevent further damage. For instance, you could place emergency warning triangles, switch the hazard lights or redirect traffic.

Most insurers will send an adjuster to assess the damages. For minor damage, the insurance company will repair the vehicle at an accredited garage. If the car is a total wreck, the company will compensate you with another vehicle. 

You should now have an easy time making a car accident claim. An experienced compensation lawyer will significantly ease the process.