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Family Legal Services: 3 Mistakes That Might Affect the Outcome of Your Child Custody Case

Fighting for child custody is one of the critical aspects of a divorce process because it determines how you will relate with your kids going forward. But when going through a child custody case, the decisions you make can help you get an advantage or lose it altogether. Therefore, you must be careful all through the litigation to avoid making mistakes that may affect the outcome. Read on to learn some of the mistakes that can affect your child custody case:

1. Letting Emotions Control Your Decisions 

Allowing your emotions to affect your decisions is a costly mistake that can tremendously change the trajectory of your child custody case. For example, physical confrontation or a heated argument with your spouse might prevent you from gaining custody of your kids if your spouse proves that your hostility is life-threatening. They may also press domestic charges against you in court. And, if found guilty, the judge might only allow you to visit your kids under strict supervision. Therefore, you should restrain from yelling and issuing threats, even if some court decisions go against your wishes.

2. Disrespecting or Not Obeying Court Orders

Naturally, you will be tempted to defy court orders if you feel that the judge is making rulings against your wishes. But doing that only makes things worse because the judge might hold you in contempt of court. Therefore, even if the judge issues orders that you disagree with, comply with them and seek other legal channels to address them.

3. Representing Yourself in Court

Even though you can represent yourself in court, you have a very slim chance of winning the battle without the legal representation of a lawyer. That is because child custody laws are complicated, and it might be hard to understand them fully. Besides, your spouse might outshine you in court if they are working with a lawyer.

So, when going through a child custody case, it is advisable to hire a family lawyer for legal guidance. A seasoned lawyer has a deep understanding of family law, and they have vast experience handling similar cases. These arsenals will increase your chances of obtaining full custody of your children. 

When going through a child custody case, you should avoid the three mistakes above if you wish to get a favourable outcome. The best way to do that is by engaging a lawyer. They will guide you in the entire process and help you make sound decisions.