Managing legal battles with family

Seeking the Best Advice for Your Child Custody Case

Sometimes marriages can go astray and you may find yourself in a situation that you hardly thought you would ever be in: a tough child custody battle with your spouse. One of the most important things that parents care about is their children. In fact, some will even fight to the death for their kids. This article explains how you can avoid bad advice when it comes to dealing with a custody battle.

Bad advice

People are always inclined to seek advice from friends. 'You should do that', they say, or 'I would handle it this way'. Nonetheless, one piece of advice may be particularly damning and may make your child custody battle to drag on forever. Furthermore, you may even lose the custody of your children all together. What sort of advice can lead to this?

Perhaps the worst piece of advice is being told never to let the kids stay at the other parent's home. Further, don't allow the other parent to make any decisions in respect to the children. In other words, do not compromise whatsoever. In truth, that piece of advice which doesn't promote compromise or agreements with the other parent is awful. The following are the likely repercussions of decisions made based on such bad advice.


First, it makes it almost unfeasible to effective devise a parenting plan. It's always good for the parents to come up with a custody arrangement on their own and without the court intervention. Compromise is key. Perhaps you two differ on everything apart from your child continuing to play football for the city team. The other parent may work on training nights while you take the kids for training followed by a snack. Such an arrangement is only possible if you can agree.

Secondly, judges will not like you. For example, if the other parent requests for child visitation on Wednesday since he or she has off from work only on Wednesdays, the court will likely consider this as a reasonable request. However, if you turn down the request although you have no justifiable reason to, other than just fighting, chances are that the court will think you are not considering the best interest of your child and you may end up losing the child custody case.

In conclusion, don't take misleading counsel from your friends. Consult with a family law firm like Marino Law who will advise you to compromise on certain things. In effect, you will be surprised how much easier your child custody case will be.