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Two steps dog owners must take if they wish to avoid legal problems

Dog laws are designed to keep dogs safe and prevent them from harming others. Should you fail to abide by these laws, you could find yourself having to attend court and pay a hefty fine. Here are two crucial steps you must take if you wish to avoid experiencing these type of legal issues:

Have your pet microchipped

'Microchipping' is a term used to describe the process of placing a tiny microchip underneath an animal's skin (usually near the back of their neck). This device has a unique set of digits which, when scanned using a microchip scanner, can be used to identify the dog and track down its owner.

In most (but not all) Australian states, you are legally required to have your dog microchipped. In the states where this is mandatory, you could incur a large fine if you are found to have not had your pet microchipped.

If your dog has behavioural issues and has, as a result of these problems, been officially declared to be dangerous, the fine for failing to microchip them could be significantly larger.

The reason for this is as follows: if an aggressive dog runs away and cannot be easily located via a microchip, they will spend more time wandering the streets without supervision. This will significantly increase the chances of them attacking any people or animals they encounter.

It's worth noting that, should your pet injure anyone whilst they are lost, you may also be held liable for those injuries.

Clean up after your dog

Failing to collect and properly dispose of any droppings your dog leaves in public areas could result in you being fined several hundred dollars.

There are a numbers reasons why the laws surrounding this matter are so strict. Firstly, droppings may contain harmful parasites (such as roundworms) and bacteria which, if left on the ground, may end up being transmitted to animals and humans who come into contact with them.

Secondly, any droppings which are left in public areas during a heavy downpour are likely to be carried into the nearby waterways, causing pollution which may harm the plants and aquatic creatures that live in the water.

As such, whilst picking up your dog's droppings may be an unpleasant task, it is also a very important one. You can make this process easier by purchasing scented dog dropping bags and a scooping tool. Additionally, to ensure that you can properly dispose of the waste, it's a good idea to look online for walking routes which feature dog-waste bins.