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Ways to Avoid Facing Drink Driving Charges

The Australian law does not bar anyone of adult age from taking as much alcohol as they want, but it considers drink driving to be a serious criminal offence. Year in and year out, many people lose their lives due to drink driving accidents, and this cannot be regarded as a trivial matter. That's why you may get into big trouble with the law if you are charged with drink driving, even if you are just a first-time offender. 

If you are a licensed driver, and you are fond of the bottle, you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with law enforcement agents because of drink driving. But there are ways to stay safe on the road and avoid being charged with drink driving. Just practice these habits.

Drinking responsibly: Responsible drinking is all about drinking in moderation. In other words, it means not letting the bottle take charge of your life and make it difficult for you to perform everyday activities. If you know you will be drinking and driving, it is imperative that you do not exceed your alcohol tolerance level. If you exceed this level and get behind the wheels, you will be putting yourself, your passengers and other road users in harm's way, so drink responsibly.

Appointing a designated driver: If drinking in moderation is a problem, you can appoint a designated driver. A designated driver can be any good driver that you trust with your safety when you are on the roads. It can be one of your friends who doesn't drink (or always moderates their drinking), or someone from a trusted designated driver service. Just make sure you stay away from the driver's seat after a drinking spree.

Getting picked up by a taxi: There are days when you've had one too many and remember that you had not appointed a designated driver. That's no excuse for drink driving. You can get on your phone and request for a taxi or ask the staff at your drinking place to help you find one. 

In case you are charged with drink driving, you can always hire a drink driving lawyer to defend you in the courtroom. They may be able to help you have the case dismissed, but that's not always the case — there is also the possibility that you will be convicted, be fined or even lose your driver's licence if you are found guilty. Therefore, better be safe than sorry by following the above-highlighted practices.