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Why You Need to Consider These Unusual but Frightening Legal Challenges If You're in Business

If you're in business on your own account, it can be a gratifying and challenging experience all at the same time. You may think that you have all the various legal angles covered, but you may nevertheless have overlooked some less common, but worrying risks. If you want to carry on operating for as long as possible without facing an unexpected legal hurdle, what are some of the areas you should be considering?

How Deep Are Your Checks?

If you're in business, you obviously realise that there are a raft of rules and regulations covering the employment of other people. You may also understand how important it is to check the background of these individuals before you hire them. However, are you looking deeply enough and specifically, to ensure that they are legally entitled to work in this country? Remember, that the Australian government will come down hard on you if you've been employing illegal workers, even though you may say you were not aware of the infringement. One of these individuals may be removed suddenly as a consequence, causing you operational difficulties.

Stepping on Other Companies' Feet

If you've recently expanded your business, did you conduct a proper copyright or patent check beforehand? You may think that you developed an innovative idea, but is it possible that a different company already owned the rights to products, terminology or images? Remember, some companies will often patent or copyright certain elements and sit in waiting, until another organisation inadvertently violates them. This will be a chance for them to earn some "easy money" from people like you.

Customer Action

Always be proactive when it comes to any developing customer issues and try to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If not, individual clients could get together if they are facing similar problems and before you know it, you are looking at a class-action lawsuit. This type of situation could arise if customers allege that your products, services or promises fell short.

If you can't do it yourself, engage one of your staff to keep an eye on social media at all times and reply to customer messages quickly. By being proactive, you may be able to foresee any issues before they develop into something too big.

Being Aware

These are just some of the more unusual, but nevertheless frightening challenges that can await a small business owner from time to time. Make sure that you have a solicitor who is able to advise you as your company grows.