Managing legal battles with family

What are the common types of family law?

According to the ONS (Office of National Statistics), 42 per cent of marriages in Wales and England end up in divorces. It can appear that divorce is the only issue that family law attorneys handle. However, divorce is not all that family law entails. It involves other cases regarding the dissolution and formation of families. This type of law designs the framework which offers the foundation of achieving equitable and fair results for all involved family members. 

1. Divorce

If you intend to dissolve your marriage, you have to consult a family law attorney to assist you with the process. Houses, money and other assets are difficult to divide when an expert neutral entity is missing. When you legally dissolve the marriage, the attorney will make it easier to know who will have the custody of the children or who will support the children.

2. Adoption

There are regulations surrounding adoption which serve the best interest of the adopted child. When planning for child adoption, you must comprehend and adhere to all the provisions in the law. You could consult a family lawyer to assist you with the paperwork and help you understand all the requirements.

3. Protection orders

Every couple has their rough patches. However, when you have disagreements that culminate to physical abuse, then you could file for protection from your spouse. You will get protection from physical violence from your partner, and they will have to make less contact with you. If they violate the protection order, then they may end up behind prison bars.

4. Child paternity and custody

If you want to be legally recognised as the father of a child, then you may have to take a paternity test. This process will prove or disprove you as the genetic father of the child. A paternity lawyer can provide assistance when the biological father neglects to provide child support or when you are not the father, but you are providing child support.

Child custody is complicated when dealing with divorce. When you fail to agree on child custody, the family courts will help. Some of the factors that the court could consider are the child's needs, parents' incomes and so on.

5. Guardianship

Do you want to be a guardian to your minor siblings? You have to consult a family law attorney concerning all the requirements and provisions involved in gaining guardianship. You can also offer guardianship to adults with developmental issues or dementia. If you do not want your siblings to end up in foster care, you might have to get legal custody of them.

Wrap up

From the above types of family law, you can argue that family law involves matters regarding emotion. Every family law attorney has an area of specification. You should find an expert to handle your type of case.