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Spousal Maintenance: Three Critical Issues to Consider after Divorce or Separation

If your relationship with your spouse or de facto partner has broken down, the issue of spousal maintenance might come up following your separation or divorce. In general, spousal maintenance can be defined as the financial aid given by one person to their former partner or spouse. The amount paid is to allow the recipients to support themselves. Here are the critical issues that you should understand if you are interested in applying for spousal maintenance after your separation.

Reasons You Should Have a Personal Lawyer.

You might wonder why the characters in movies and television shows always have a lawyer on call. In real life, some people have personal lawyers, and if you do not, it is time you considered getting one. Below are a few compelling reasons why.    Business The following are a few ways a lawyer can help your business. A lawyer will go through workplace laws to ensure you do not infringe on the rights of your employees.

Why Employers Need to Be Careful When Dealing with Maternity Leave

When it comes to potential litigation, few areas are as troublesome to new business owners as employment law. If you've recently taken on a number of new staff members as part of a business venture, then you may be preparing yourself for any issues as they arise and will need to focus on maternity issues sooner rather than later. If one of your employees breaks the news that she is pregnant, you will need to act accordingly, but what do you need to know about your obligations and exposure?

Sporting Injury? Can You Claim Compensation?

As you may know, business owners and local authorities have a duty of care to protect people whenever they set foot on their land or enter their premises. If this person were to pick up an injury due to neglect or even an oversight, then they would be liable to claim compensation, usually through an insurance program. In this case, the individual in question may have been conducting some business or had a good reason to be there and as such, should have been cared for more effectively.

3 Ways To Manage Your Emotions Through A Tough Divorce

Getting a divorce can be one of the hardest experiences. One minute you're a loving family with a bright future, and the next minute you find yourself seeking lawyers to guide you through the legal aspects of a painful separation. It's easy to get emotional and lose track of the bigger picture, especially when kids are in the middle. These tips will help you better manage your emotions when going through a tough divorce – and don't forget to equip yourself with a good family law solicitor.

Estate Planning: 3 Tips for Preparing a Successful Will

Every person comes to a point when they feel the need to plan their estate. This is an essential step, especially if you want your chosen dependants' interests to be safeguarded after your death. However, Do you know what it means to have a successful will? If not, keep reading to understand what this is and the measures that you can take to ensure successful planning of your estate. What is a successful will?

Estate Planning: 3 Extra Documents You May Need Besides Your Will

Some people think that estate planning only involves writing a last will. However, other documents are also important to the estate planning process. This article discusses some of those additional documents that can make your estate plan more complete. Power of Attorney for Financial Matters It is wise for you to prepare a power of attorney document that grants someone authority to act in all or some financial matters should you be incapable of performing those tasks.

Three Tips to Find an Excellent Solicitor

Legal issues are complex. They drain every bit of strength from you – emotionally, physically and mentally. For this reason, it's advised that find a good solicitor when you find yourself facing a legal problem. Finding an excellent solicitor that specializes in your legal needs, however, is easier said than done. If you've never needed one before, then the task is even more herculean. The ideal situation is to find a solicitor with vast experience in the legal area necessary to handle your law mess.

4 Things to Do If You Have Been Accused of Gang-Related Crime

According to many news outlets, gang-related crime is up in parts of Australia, and if you have been accused of this type of activity, you may be wondering what you should do. To protect your rights, take a look at these tips. 1. Find Someone to Advocate for Your Rights When it comes to gang-related activities, you don't necessarily even need to commit a crime to be charged with something. For example, the police may attempt to arrest you even if you haven't hurt some, vandalised something or committed a similar type of crime.

Why Finding Your Dream Home Is Only the Start of the Process

If you and your loved one have been hunting for a new home for a long time, you may have finally found the house of your dreams. You may have been exhausted by the whole process and think that the most difficult part of your work is now over. However, you need to pay very careful attention to the legal process ahead if you're going to ensure that you actually get this special property, and in particular, you need to deal with conveyancing issues.