The Importance of Conveyancing in the Property Purchase Process

Buying or selling real estate property involves significant sums of money. You should, therefore, be careful where you place your money. In most cases, processes run smoothly to the end. However, never overlook due diligence because you trust the property buyer or seller. Hiring a conveyancing expert is one of the simple and effective ways to protect your interests during the property transaction process. Here are the top reasons to hire one. [Read More]

Facts About No-Fault Divorce

The historical fault system of divorce meant that married couples could only separate if one party proved that the other partner's actions caused an irredeemable breakdown of the union. Therefore, even couples who agreed to divorce amicably had to fabricate faults such as adultery or violence. Unfortunately, the old system made divorce adversarial if you consider that it often resulted in favourable outcomes regarding property settlement for the 'not at fault' party. [Read More]

What Should You Do If You Have Been Injured in an Accident with an E-Scooter?

As you may have noticed, e-scooters are becoming ever more prevalent in Australian society. The technology is relatively new, but the scooters themselves are very fashionable, so many of them are being bought for younger people at Christmas time or as a birthday present. Unfortunately, the growing number of scooters in your area may lead to issues, especially when there is a collision of some kind. What do you need to know if you've been involved in an altercation with one of these scooters and have been injured as a consequence? [Read More]

What Will a Conveyancing Lawyer Help With When You're Buying Property?

If you are ready to purchase one or more pieces of property, then you are obviously going to need to have the property conveyed over to your name. You probably want to handle every step of the conveyancing process properly, so instead of doing it alone, you'll probably want to hire a conveyancing lawyer. These are some of the things a conveyancing lawyer can help with when you're buying property. [Read More]