Sporting Injury? Can You Claim Compensation?

As you may know, business owners and local authorities have a duty of care to protect people whenever they set foot on their land or enter their premises. If this person were to pick up an injury due to neglect or even an oversight, then they would be liable to claim compensation, usually through an insurance program. In this case, the individual in question may have been conducting some business or had a good reason to be there and as such, should have been cared for more effectively. [Read More]

3 Ways To Manage Your Emotions Through A Tough Divorce

Getting a divorce can be one of the hardest experiences. One minute you're a loving family with a bright future, and the next minute you find yourself seeking lawyers to guide you through the legal aspects of a painful separation. It's easy to get emotional and lose track of the bigger picture, especially when kids are in the middle. These tips will help you better manage your emotions when going through a tough divorce – and don't forget to equip yourself with a good family law solicitor. [Read More]

Estate Planning: 3 Tips for Preparing a Successful Will

Every person comes to a point when they feel the need to plan their estate. This is an essential step, especially if you want your chosen dependants' interests to be safeguarded after your death. However, Do you know what it means to have a successful will? If not, keep reading to understand what this is and the measures that you can take to ensure successful planning of your estate. What is a successful will? [Read More]

Estate Planning: 3 Extra Documents You May Need Besides Your Will

Some people think that estate planning only involves writing a last will. However, other documents are also important to the estate planning process. This article discusses some of those additional documents that can make your estate plan more complete. Power of Attorney for Financial Matters It is wise for you to prepare a power of attorney document that grants someone authority to act in all or some financial matters should you be incapable of performing those tasks. [Read More]