Why Proportionate Liability Can Make Your Claim for Compensation More Challenging

The legal system exists in part to adjudicate claims between one party and another. It can sometimes be difficult to prove that somebody else was negligent and that you are owed financial compensation as a result, but it can be even more difficult to be successful if there's more than one other defendant involved. Sometimes, you have to prove "proportionate liability," which as the name suggests, can get complicated. What do you need to know about this approach and how can you proceed? [Read More]

Seeking the Best Advice for Your Child Custody Case

Sometimes marriages can go astray and you may find yourself in a situation that you hardly thought you would ever be in: a tough child custody battle with your spouse. One of the most important things that parents care about is their children. In fact, some will even fight to the death for their kids. This article explains how you can avoid bad advice when it comes to dealing with a custody battle. [Read More]